Hi I’m Hannah. Acupuncturist & Advocate for better fertility support and education.

We have 4 London clinics providing fertility care and support so you can take back control on your path to parenthood.

We do this with acupuncture, reflexology, fertility massage, nutrition, herbs, fertility coaching, our podcast & fertility support community.

Hi! I’m Hannah. Acupuncturist & Advocate for better fertility support and education

We have 3 London clinics providing fertility care and support so you can take back control on your path to parenthood.


We do this with acupuncture, reflexology, fertility massage, nutrition, herbs, fertility coaching, our podcast & our fertility support community.

We understand the confusion, overwhelm and isolation that comes with trying to conceive. We’re here to help you optimise your health & fertility, reduce your stress and put you back in control, fully informed and with ongoing support.

Wherever you are on the path to parenthood, we will be here, every step of the way.

Nice words people say about us

Hannah is an absolutely superstar! I’ve been seeing her for years and cannot recommend her enough. Not only is she an incredible acupuncturist, who truly listens and knows what will work best in terms of treatment, she’s offered invaluable support, guidance and signposting when most needed.
The whole team are really phenomenal but Jo in particular was such an incredible support to me!
There are not enough superlatives in the world to describe this awesome and lovely bunch of ladies led by Hannah. They go over and above to support you in a kind, compassionate and evidence based way. The overall care package really is excellent as they are very knowledgable. Special thanks to Anga, Bella and Vicky (who will do everything possible to arrange the appointments you need at the right time). Cannot recommend more highly (I went to another well rated acupuncturist before this, but Hannah Pearn & Co are better all round in my opinion).
I first went to see Hannah after my third miscarriage and she was brilliant at signposting me to specialists for investigations. I sadly went on to have two further miscarriages but in my sixth pregnancy I had regular treatment with Bella and Hannah and I’ve now finally had my beautiful healthy baby boy. I can’t thank them enough for the support through this pregnancy, the benefits of acupuncture, particularly for my anxiety, were immeasurable and if we ever feel ready to try for another baby I will definitely come to Hannah and her team for regular treatment before and during pregnancy. Thank you so much to Bella and Hannah for your compassion and understanding, I will always be grateful for your role on our journey to our rainbow baby.
Absolutely brilliant resources, teaching me things I wish I knew 20 years ago. Kind and caring team
I started seeing Anga for acupuncture after many challenging years of TTC with lean PCOS. Literally on my second cycle I conceived twins! Anga’s supportive, caring approach in addition to her extensive knowledge and experience makes her the best in the business. I continued with acupuncture throughout my first trimester and I will be forever grateful!
I had a course of acupuncture with Jo and Hannah and I can’t thank them enough. The results were more than I could ever have hoped for (and the doctors!) and I really believe this is down to them. Jo was methodic and thorough and Hannah went out of her way outside of appointments to give me advice. Thanks so much both, can’t recommend enough!
I am so grateful for Hannah Pearn Acupuncture - through the podcast and sessions, you honestly took me from knowing virtually nothing about cycles, to having an understanding of cycles and lots of ways to help optimise for fertility. It was amazing to have a central person to talk all the results etc. through with as it's so daunting and confusing and that person doesn't seem to exist anywhere else. You made me feel much calmer and more positive and like I had a little bit of control. Plus acupuncture itself is amazing - I'm totally converted.I'm absolutely certain we wouldn't be here without you. Thank you! Xx
I would not hesitate to recommend Camilla to anyone who is looking to enhance their fertility journey with acupuncture. It will provide you with the tools and information to understand your body and cycles in a positive and informed position and at thTVe same time, you get to spend a delightful hour with a warm and caring person who will leave you energised.
Camilla has been great, always knowlegable and emmensely supportive in a time that has been really challenging which has been invaluable.
Anga is amazing! I don’t believe I would be holding my baby girl without her help and support. Her knowledge and expertise was invaluable in supporting me to get pregnant - and reassure me through the early weeks of my pregnancy. When doctors wouldn’t listen or didn’t think there were any issues - Anga was thorough and helped get to the root cause of my issues. I am so so thankful for her!
Every reflexology session I've had with Katy has met and exceeded expectations. She was friendly and has a good sense of what my body needs. It's super relaxing and I always fall asleep. Whats more the space is cozy and welcoming. If you're looking for a nice relaxation experience with a Reflexologist who specialises in fertility, I recommend giving Katie a try.
Highly recommend the team at Hannah Pearn. I’ve been seeing Anga for acupuncture for about a year, and I’m happy to say we’ve just had our 12 week scan and have a healthy baby boy on the way.After a few years of trying, PCOS, a missed miscarriage, 6 failed rounds of clomid, and a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, I was looking for answers. Having acupuncture with Anga plus her support to get to know my natural cycles, pursue extra testing and eventually support me through the IVF process, was so invaluable.Just wanted to say a big thank you, as I’m not sure I could have got through the last year without her. It really does take a village!
I couldn't recommend Hannah enough! She really supported me emotionally through my fertility journey, to becoming pregnant. I really enjoy my relaxing acupuncture treatments, which help me with my anxiety. I honestly think I fell pregnant sooner than I would have due to her support with the acupuncture and pointing me in the right direction for the tests that I needed, which ultimately ended in success!
Katy and the team are amazing! What a wonderful group of women. I can’t count how many people I’ve recommended their content and practice to. I wish I had known more about fertility and my cycles before years of struggling with the pill and endometriosis. I’ve been seeing Katy for around a year including pre pregnancy. Great, accessible information and they are loads of fun too!
Katie's reflexology is amazing. I would give 10 stars if I could. Katie takes time to understand what you need and what is going on with your body. Then she does her amazing treatment and I can say it's just incredible. She has helped me address some things I was worried about but it is also incredibly relaxing and a great part of my self-care.I recommend her to many friends. She is just wonderful and also a lovely, knowledgeable and generous person.
I went to see Hannah a couple of days before my first IUI at 41 years old. I had been told my odds of conceiving were very low but Hannah gave me such positive and uplifting information about my fertility and such a relaxing acupuncture session. She is so knowledgable about fertility and has such a warm and kind manner she instantly put me at ease. Her acupuncture studio is so stylish and calming it was a joy to be there! Gotta love Orla Kelly ;)I'm now four weeks pregnant after my first try and I feel Hannah's "magic" had something to do with this.
I had a hormones/fertility consultation with Jo yesterday to discuss some hormone concerns I had with a recent test. Jo was so welcoming and even virtually her calming presence made me feel really at ease! Jo really took the time to listen to me and dive deep into what may be causing some of my concerns, she is so knowledgable and I left the call feeling a lot calmer and peaceful as my health anxiety has been very high recently. Thank you Jo for your time and for your approach to my situation. I will certainly be booking in for acupuncture soon.
About a year into our TTC journey I started seeing Hannah. Since then she has supported me through my numerous rounds of IVF, lending guidance, understanding and a safe space to open up. Without her, I would not be 18 weeks pregnant. Her knowledge of the latest tests, where to get them, consultants and clinics to try, and supplements to add into the regime is unrivalled, and that’s even before she gives you treatment, which I came to rely on for weekly relaxation. It was a really difficult journey getting to this point but throughout I knew I had the support of an amazing clinic. Hannah really cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to support them, without judgement, on their individual paths. The introduction at clinic to the lovely Katy and her amazing reflexology was just the icing on the cake. I have never felt as relaxed as when I was being treated by her. If you haven’t had an appointment with her, book one! I can’t thank Hannah Pearn Acupuncture enough for getting me where I am today. When we’re ready for baby number 2, they’ll be the first people I call.
I had an appointment with Hannah and found it hugely informative, interesting and reassuring, while providing suggestions for me to take forward. It was also really nice to chat with Hannah, given her warm, approachable manner which immediately put me at ease.
Hannah and her team are exactly what you want when looking for support in TTC and beyond. They are such a kind and wonderfully experienced group of people truly dedicated to helping couples achieve their dreams. Thank you for all your help in our journey. We couldn't have done it without you! You're the best!
Fantastic Fertility Specialist Team.They offer so much support and awareness. If I were living im London I would love to work with them.😊
I was hugely stressed about TTC, mainly because my periods each month were making me very sick, often bedridden for several days, and depressed. After just a month of treatment, my periods completely changed. More relaxed and less ill, I conceived after just a few months under Anga’s outstanding care. Cannot recommend these ladies enough!
Hannah was a godsend during a difficult time and in helping reassure and advise me during pregnancy. Her expert knowledge, excellent listening and sound recommedations were a game changer for me and I'm extremely grateful i found her when i did.I looked forward to our sessions every week and will keep her on speed dial as i move forward into motherhood.Hannah is just wonderful and i left feeling relaxed, confident and uplifted after every session. Highly recommended.
I started seeing Hannah in the lead up to our first round of IVF and following a miscarriage. Even though I was a little anxious about the needles at first, Hannah was very reassuring and I was surprised that you could hardly feel them. I found the acupuncture itself extremely relaxing. More importantly, Hannah’s fertility and woman’s health knowledge plus calming manner was completely invaluable. I learnt so much myself from seeing her and honestly believe she played a big part in me falling pregnant and welcoming my baby girl earlier this year.
I would highly recommend Hannah and her team for acupuncture. We had been trying to get pregnant for over two years and underwent multiple rounds of IVF. I decided to try acupuncture on my last FET and we got lucky! Acupuncture really helped me to clear my mind and relax, and of course it helps with the blood flow. Hannah and Jo are very knowledgable around all things fertility and so warm and friendly (you feel like you have known them for ages). Thank you for everything Jo and Hannah! :)
I can't recommend Hannah highly enough. Her expertise surounding fertility is so insightful and a real game-changer.
Super lovely and supportive! (not to mention a wonderful relaxation in the week)
Hannah is amazing, I feel like a new person after a session of acupanture with her.During the process of getting pregnant, Hannah was the first person I turned to fo any advice.And the clinic is perfect. So peaceful and beautiful.
I can highly recommend the practitioners here. I‘ve received acupuncture with Jo and had a consultation with Hannah. They both really listened to me, took their time and were always available for advice and follow-up questions. I’m so glad I found this practice!
Hannah is a miracle worker! After my little son passed away Hannah was an absolute lifeline for me. I was so desperate to have my second bub I went to see her and she honestly changed my life forever. Within two months I conceived my daughter and throughout my pregnancy, Hannah was incredibly supportive and gave me everything I needed mentally and physically to have my daughter. One of the happiest days of my life is Hannah meeting her, she will eternally be a very special person for our family. I can’t wait to see her for my third bub!
I saw Hannah in the very early days of my pregnancy. She was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, positive and reassuring. Her treatments helped keep me calm and focused and I would highly recommend visiting her if you are hoping to become pregnant or are already expecting. Thank you!
I wish I had met Hannah years ago when I had fertility problems - but she came to the rescue for peri menopause instead. Apart from being lovely and super gorgeous she has helped calm and balance me to tackle the next phase of my life!
Hannah is exceptional. I have visited countless fertility acupuncturists around London, wasting money, time and hope in the process, UNTIL I met Hannah and her team. I look forward to my appointments and always know I will feel the benefit, in more ways than one.
I have attended the online webinar and I found it incredibly insightful and interesting. Hannah explains the basics of the female body in a clear way. I feel so empowered now! Thank you!
Hannah and Kirsty's Menopause Webinar was excellent: professional, informative and interactive. Would highly recommend
Anga, wow, what a practitioner. I feel very grateful indeed that our paths crossed. Thank you Hannah Pearn Streatham! 😀
Hannah and her team in Streatham and Balham are just awesome. I've been seeing Hannah for well over a year and she's an absolute font of wisdom, an incredible cheerleader, and of course a superb acupuncturist. It always feels so nourishing and I leave appointments feeling lighter, more relaxed and more focused. Hannah has supported me through a lot, helping me navigate some challenging times and I can't recommend her enough. I've also had acupuncture from her associate Jo who is also lovely, life-changing reflexology from the brilliant Katy, and a Chinese herbs prescription from Anga which really did the job. Thank you team! <3
I have been seeing Hannah for acupuncture off and on for a number of years and most recently following the birth of my son. I worked closely with Hannah to rebalance my hormones, get my periods back to normal and calm my anxiety. She recommended me supplements, showed me huge compassion and armed me with all the information I needed to understand what was going on in my body. Seeing Hannah has been a lifeline over the past two few years and I am so grateful to her. Every woman needs Hannah and her team in their life!
Hannah is amazing. The most knowledgeable and caring professional who looked after us through our infertility journey. Always going the extra mile and furthering her knowledge to better serve her patients. We wouldn't be a family today without her ❤️❤️
Hannah and the team are amazing. I have been seeing Hannah and Anga since my devastating miscarriage and I have always left the clinic feeling validated and with a calmer mind. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Even if you are somewhat cynical about acupuncture, I would still recommend booking in some sessions. Hannah’s knowledge and experience is worth everything. She has helped me immensely with my clinic, helping me to push for additional tests, which discovered a diagnosis they had missed. You’re in safe hands with these ladies. Good luck to you all!
I saw Jo for fertility acupuncture for the first time this week. She was so lovely and thorough with her history taking. I would recommend this clinic for sure!
Hannah and team have been an absolute life line to me. I’m so grateful to them for their support. They have a fundamentally kind and inclusive approach and I hope to be another fertility success story, certainly they have succeeded in caring for my wellbeing.
I saw Hannah for nearly 3 years and truly believe that I wouldn't have my 5-week old baby without all of Hannah's expertise, wisdom and practical advice. I had never had acupuncture before but would now recommend it (and specifically Hannah!) to any other woman trying / struggling to conceive. The journey can be isolating and disorientating when you see so many different healthcare professionals and so to have one constant person on that journey with you who knows your situation inside out is really invaluable. As well as the acupuncture itself which I always found so relaxing, Hannah pointed me towards useful supplements, organisations and resources, all of which brought us to bringing our baby home - I can't recommend her enough!
I have been seeing Anga for weekly acupuncture since September. She is amazing - so knowledgeable and experienced, kind and caring. She is very intuitive and I cannot thank her enough for her care and support. Anga is also a great listener and always takes the time to listen to my (many!) worries and offers support and advice. I leave her sessions so much more calm and relaxed. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you Anga!
I came to see Anga after trying for a baby for two years. She was really reassuring and gave me a manageable set of tasks to work on and was available in her personal time to give me advice on supplements and general health. We worked together to record my temperatures and assess my health during the sessions. The support during and outside the sessions was invaluable in keeping me calm and after one cycle, just over 5 weeks from meeting her, I was pregnant. She was the first person I told and continues to check on me. This has been an amazing experience and I will continue to see her as I feel she has a real connection and passion for her work. Thank you Anga!
I’ve had a wonderful experience with Anga trying for my second baby. I have learnt so much from her, she is so warm and kind and really knows her stuff. I am confident that if we continue to work together we will have baby number two in no time!!
Hannah provided me with a safe place to talk about our struggles conceiving. It wasn't just about the acupuncture but also the comfort of someone to listen to my concerns and worries. Hannah made me understand what could affect fertility, see my cycle differently.I had previous experience of pregnancy loss which had been very isolating so when it happened again I found Hannah and it suddenly felt like I wasn't alone.In the sadness of going through the losses and struggles conceiving, seeing Hannah became a point of light. Thank you Hannah ❤
I can wholeheartedly recommend seeing Hannah. She has created a relaxed and positive treatment space and instantly puts you at ease. She listens to concerns and experiences and focuses the acupuncture to best effect. I always left our sessions feeling reassured, relaxed and better informed. Beyond the acupuncture, she knows everything there is to know about local health services and other professionals whose expertise could help.
I have seen hannah at various times over the last 4 and a half years. She has been brilliant in every way. She is so knowledgeable and she helped me navigate fertility issues both in terms of advice on natural conception as well so what to ask in fertility clinics. She was a great support during 2 miscarriages and through a difficult first trimester with my youngest daughter, as well as helping me avoid induction twice.I never felt she pushed me to have excessive treatment instead building what I needed over time and in response to wider issues I am sure what I did have really supported me and helped me finally get a much wanted second child. Treatment always left me feeling relaxed, it was the highlight of my week during really tough times. Hannah's knowledge and kindness also helped support my mental health.I can't really recommend hannah enough, I feel very lucky to have had her support through some tough times.
Hannah is absolutely stunning and I’ve enjoyed acupuncture with her for over 2 years (..its only coming to an end as I’ve moved away from the area, beyond commute unfortunately!). Hannah is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about everything fertility, she is fantastic with needles and a great listener for all your troubles and worries.She’s been supporting me through all the tricky stages: helped me cope with stress and anxiety of TTC, ups and downs of pregnancy related hormonal changes and everything that postpartum brought. She made me understand my body, how it works, its needs; and what I could do, to deal with it all better. All in a safe, calm and extremely kind environment. I could have asked for a better experience.I have since recommended her to number of my friends and all of them were equally impressed.
Hannah is amazing. She helped me about my fertility, anxiety and migraines. After few months I got pregnant and I kept the treatment but that time to went through the pregnancy.She is very kind, attentive and supportive. She understands a lot about fertility and women’s health and because all this knowledge she give us a lot of confidence that we need.I strongly recommend.
I couldn’t recommend Hannah more highly. I have loved all my acupuncture sessions with her. Her clinic is a wonderfully calming environment and her knowledge and experience of dealing with fertility issues is second to none, making you feel comfortable and safe in her hands. She is a very welcoming, warm and bubbly person who made me feel very at ease from the first meeting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends.
Hannah was the warm, bubbly, comforting, and oh so knowledgable support that I needed during my TTC and pregnancy journey. For me, she filled a massive gap in the standard care provided to women struggling to conceive, as well as during the prenatal period, particularly during Covid-19. As well as the wonderful acupuncture sessions (which I could not recommend enough for physical and overall emotional wellbeing) she was a supportive, non-judgemental ear. I looked so forward to each session and left feeling like a weight had lifted, and more confident and in tune with my body. I would recommend Hannah to anyone who wants to understand more about their fertility and what their body is capable of.
Hannah has been such a crucial part first during my TTC journey and then during my pregnancy. I started visiting her after my recurrent miscarriages and the support I’ve got from her was just amazing. She’s so knowledgeable about women’s health and makes you immediately at ease. I felt relaxed and positive after each session. I’m sure that my sessions with her played a big part of me subsequently getting (naturally) and remaining pregnant with my second child at the ‘grand old age’ of 42. She’s so much more than just an acupuncturist, I cannot recommend her enough!
I have been visiting Hannah for over a year, in the run up to and throughout my pregnancy. Hannah is so much more than an acupuncturist - her sessions provided me with therapy, a space to discuss my anxieties, relaxation, relief from the symptoms of pregnancy (morning sickness, aches and pains etc) as well as an education in the workings of the female body. I realise I was so clueless about how my body works and understanding is crucial not just when you want to have a baby but also in managing period pain, PMS etc. I would highly recommend Hannah - she is an absolute star and her Instagram is endlessly entertaining and informative!
Hannah literally changed my world. I saw her during ivf last year which subsequently failed but then I continued seeing her (for stress) and went on to get pregnant naturally. This was unheard of at the time. I have now given birth to a beautiful baby boy.Her knowledge about fertility & female issues is second to none, far better than any advice i got at london clinics from fertility consultants. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting help on this journey. She has been a rock of support on mine and I know will continued to be in the future.
Hannah is an absolute wealth of knowledge on all things relating to fertility treatment. My sessions with her were so helpful, for the acupuncture itself but also for the support and guidance that she is able to give. She’s the perfect human accompaniment to all the testing, prodding and poking done at the fertility clinic and often helped me understand the clinical processes and what was happening in my body. One little boy later, and I am so grateful for all the support, warmth and kindness that Hannah gave me throughout.
Would definitely recommend acupuncture with Hannah! I’d never tried it before but Hannah puts you at ease immediately. She is warm and empathetic and nothing seemed like too much trouble. Hannah’s passion to help women and arm them with the right knowledge makes you feel optimistic about your future wherever you’re at on your fertility journey.
Hannah helped me in the run up to and throughout my pregnancy. Our acupuncture sessions were the highlight of my week, helping me feel that everything was moving in the right direction and incredibly relaxing! Hannah is amazing, so knowledgeable and reassuring to talk to as well as incredibly supportive. She always thought ahead and made space for appointments at key moments. I would recommend anyone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant to make acupuncture (especially with Hannah) part of your journey.
I found Hannah via Naava at the Fertility Support Company, together they worked with me and established a protocol that I followed for around six months before trying to conceive again after experiencing three consecutive miscarriages. I wasn't really holding out much hope and was feeling emotionally fragile when we first met. But the sessions with Hannah helped me out of that hole. I found the acupuncture itself hugely beneficial and always left feeling less stressed and more relaxed than when I came in. But what helped hugely was Hannah's approach to the sessions - being able to talk to someone who knew and understood what I was going through, who was au fait with all of the intrinsic fertility terminology and could help me navigate all my options was extremely valuable to me. But I think the most important thing I got from our sessions was hope, and that was what I needed the most.She is also very lovely, easy to talk to and always remembered every part of your conversation from prior sessions - and not just the fertility conversations but the general life stuff too - which she always followed up on and asked about.Fast forward 18 months and I'm typing this as my five month old son lays next to me on his play mat.Needless to say that I would highly recommend working with Hannah to anyone experiencing fertility struggles.
Hannah is amazing, so knowledgeable and helpful. Fantastic acupuncturist I would recommend her for both general wellness & fertility treatment.
Couldn't recommend Hannah more highly. Despite having some less than positive medical test results, I actually got pregnant within a few days of trying, thanks (I believe) to some pre-emptive acupuncture sessions with Hannah. In addition to getting great results, it was just really nice to chat with Hannah during our sessions - like hanging out with an old friend!
Hannah is so welcoming and really makes you feel at ease. I've seen her three times so far for anxiety and she's been a huge help. Her knowledge of hormones, anxiety and stress is extensive and she goes above and beyond to help, referring me literature and other activities and treatments to try. Would 100% recommend!
Hannah is a wonderfully gifted and intuitive person whose warm personality is incredibly comforting and reassuring. I got pregnant with my darling son after only a few months' treatment with her, and I'm not sure it would have happened without her support. I highly recommend Hannah for any woman trying to conceive or simply trying to create balance in her body. She is wonderful on every level, and I'm so thankful she was recommended to me.
Hannah was by far the most knowledgable and helpful person I met when it came to fertility. She gave advice and suggestions that GPS and specialists did not and I’m sure without her help I would not have my gorgeous little baby boy. I recommend anyone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant should contact Hannah.
Hannah is truly amazing at what she does. She supported me getting pregnant with my now 10 week old. I really believe Hannah's knowledge and expertise were instrumental in being able to conceive and having a healthy pregnancy. I always left Hannah's feeling incredibly positive, calm and stress free. She really is wonderful. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
Hannah worked with me for over a year supporting the process to getting pregnant and even on the day I gave birth...As a natural skeptic, I was really surprised at how helpful her knowledgeable input has been and we now have a five month old baby as proof that specialist acupuncture really can improve many areas of your physical and emotional Heath. What a friendly face, her patience, sense of humour, empathy and general loveliness have been a pleasure. Strongly recommend.
Hannah is Absolutely amazing, caring and helpful when you're in a bad place.
I found Hannah via the British Acupuncture Council and I cannot recommend her highly enough, I begun treatment in August 2013 and I had almost immediate positive results.Professional, friendly and effective, finding her was one of the highlights of this year. Not only is she thorough and conscientious, Hannah immediately makes you feel relaxed and at ease - you feel that you are being treated by someone who genuinely cares for you, and she does.I'd urge anyone seeking acupuncture treatment to give Hannah a try.
Hannah helped me when I had a bulging disc in my back. I was having acupuncture from Hannah and Osteopathy from somewhere else over about 6 weeks.Hannah is lovely, her space is great and she takes the time to understand what is needed.She is very credible and obviously knows her stuff.My back felt much better after each session and I also felt great. I would recommend Hannah to anyone looking for Acupuncture treatment.
I came to Hannah early in 2013 with a history of aches, pains, moans and groans. She listened to what was going on, understood what I needed and set to work to help rid me of my complaints. I was confident in her knowledge, her compassionate approach and her professionalism. I highly recommend her and I keep returning for the next instalment.

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