When is the best time to do acupuncture for fertility?

Many people seek acupuncture treatment as a supporting therapy alongside fertility treatment. This can be for IVF, IUI and if you’re trying to conceive naturally. Ideally we like to see people 3 to 6 months before they start any treatment as we know it take this amount of time for lifestyle change and acupuncture to influence the quality of the egg and sperm. We work alongside a Fertility Nutritionist and Herbalist and often this combination of treatments can be great for balancing hormones and getting the body ready for either natural or assisted conception.

When is the best time to have acupuncture during IVF/IUI?

We usually work with people weekly through their IVF cycles and we will try and time our treatments to suit the different stages.

  • During stimulation we work to strengthen the body and support emotional balance.
  • After egg collection we work to reduce inflammation
  • On embryo transfer day we work on reducing stress and promote relaxation
  • And in the two week wait we work to support anxiety, over thinking and any insomnia.

Once there is a positive pregnancy we like to continue working closely until 12 weeks, we know that this can be a stressful time and client really value the support and the feeling that they are able to do something with makes them feel better, more relaxed and a little in control.

If the result is negative, we are here for you and we work to support the emotional difficulty of this and return the menstrual cycle to normal as quickly as possible as many people feel this can really help.

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