I see loads of gorgeous babies in my clinic, both at my home practice but also at Streatham Community Clinic. I love treating babies, I love reassuring parents by giving them tips and advice to help them navigate the new world that they have found themselves in. I thought I would discuss craniosacral therapy for newborn babies and write about things that I see a lot in newborns. So, if you are wondering the reasons why your baby might need some gentle CST treatment then read on…….

  1. You had a tricky birth. This could be that it was super quick, or slow, or that things didn’t quite go according to plan. You might have had an assisted delivery; ventose, forceps or a c section. All of these can have an impact on how your baby is feeling in the first few weeks.
  2. You are having feeding issues. Whether this be bottle or breast, often feeding can be difficult. There can be muscular tension that can prevent your baby from latching, this is something that can often be helped with treatment.
  3. Your baby has a tongue tie or has had a revision to correct this. Craniosacral can really help ahead of, or after a procedure.
  4. Your baby only wants to turn their head to one side, or you might notice that they favour one breast. There is often restriction in the body from how they were positioned in the womb. Again, all of this can usually be helped with a few gentle treatments.
  5. Your baby is hard to settle. Babies cry, of course they do. But if you feel there’s lots of unexplained crying then craniosacral can help to relax and reset your baby’s body.
  6. Your baby struggles with wind. A baby’s digestive system is immature and so processing milk can be hard. I work a lot to gently release the tummy and surrounding organs, this can really help to assist digestion.
  7. Your baby’s head shape looks a bit unusual. Babies heads are designed to move during the birth process. Often heads can look misshapen for a few weeks. CST can help with the process of the head realigning.
  8. If you, the parent, are feeling a bit frazzled by what just happened. Before any treatment, we go through a thorough consultation, this gives you a chance to talk about your birth. It’s a very helpful process for you, and for me to start building a treatment plan.

I hope that gives you an insight into what I often treat, what is normal after a birth and what you might bring your baby in to have some body work for.

Thanks for reading, Claire x

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