A diagnosis of low AMH can often cause stress and anxiety, but does low AMH always mean your fertility is declining and this is why you’re struggling to conceive? In this episode we explore what the AMH test actually is and why using only this test as a marker for fertility does shed any light on the reasons why you might be struggling to conceive. I know I say it a lot, but this really is a cracker. If you have been told you have low AMH then this is for you 💛


In this episode I talk to Alex O’Connor, a Fertility Support Trained Acupuncturist, AMH researcher and writer of “Explaining AMH

We discuss:

  • our experiences of working with people who have been diagnosed with low AMH
  • what AMH is and why it is measured
  • what this means for your chances of natural conception
  • what this means when you’re prepping for IVF
  • why low AMH isn’t always the reason you might be struggling to conceive
  • fertility MOTs
  • what other areas to consider when trying to understand your fertility and why you might be struggling to conceive
  • what you can do to improve AMH levels


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