BBT stands for Basal Body Temperature, and charting your temperature throughout your menstrual cycle can help you when you’re Trying To Conceive. Charting can give you a good understanding of your cycle, including the length of your menstrual phases and that you have ovulated. We discuss the benefits of BBT charting, what underlying problems it can help identify, what can impact your figures and when to stop (i.e. when it gets too stressful).

This week we discuss:

    • What basal body temperature charting is, what it’s recording and why it happens
    • When to take and what you’ll need.
    • How it can confirm ovulation
    • Which thermometer is best- we like this one.
    • Where to record your information. Katy recommends Read Your Body or there is our chart here to use.
    • What your temps should be in the follicular and the luteal phase.
    • What BBT charting can tell you about your menstrual cycle
    • Problems with BBT charting
    • And when to stop!

If you’re confused or overwhelmed with BBT charting and would like to learn more, Katy has this course you can access for just a fiver here. Alternatively, there are lots of BBT charting webinars and resources in our Community Group, which is free to join, just follow the links.


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