What exercise should you be doing when you’re trying to conceive? There is often a lot of confusion, misinformation and fear around this topic. This applies to both natural and assisted conception and often results in people stopping everything, or giving up the activities they love through fear of any negative impact. On this episode I am joined by Hollie from The Bump Plan, to unpick the myths and provide some clarity.

We discuss:

  • What we mean by exercise and by physical activity and what the difference is
  • Why there is fear around TTC and physical activity and where this comes from
  • What the guidelines say and what they mean for the general population and those who are pregnant
  • Where and why there is a gap for people who are Trying To Conceive
  • Where the fear around physical activity and Trying To Conceive comes from
  • The problem with the studies
  • Why physical activity is good for all stages
  • What Hollie recommends for people who want to keep active alongside their fertility journey
  • Why it’s so positive for health and why it’s good to unpick all of this and understand why it is not going to be detrimental to your fertility

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