Your Vaginal Microbiome plays an important role in maintaining the health of your vaginal and supporting positive pregnancy outcomes. In this episode I am joined by nutritionist Alison Hall who specialised in this field. And we look at what is the Vaginal Microbiome, its links to fertility outcomes, how best to support and how to investigate if you experience problems.

We discuss

  • what is the microbiome and what is a healthy vaginal microbiome
  • why this is important for fertility
  • studies that have shown links to fertility outcomes, miscarriage and pre term birth
  • research from Tommys in this area
  • microbiome testing and how this can differ from tests offered at the GP
  • who this test is for
  • signs you might want to test (fertility problems, Vaginal Health problems, IVF failures, miscarriage,history of STD’s)
  • where you can go to test
  • treatment approaches to improve your vaginal microbiome
  • how to maintain a good vaginal microbiome

If you’d like to find out more there is a blog here and Invivo are the company we regularly use for testing.


Vaginal Health for Fertility

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