Can I get pregnant with PCOS? It is a common question we get asked in clinic. So in this episode we discuss the ins and outs of PCOS and its impact on fertility. I am joined to discuss this with Lauren, London Wellness Coach and we’re discussing PCOS and specifically TTC with PCOS. Lauren was told at a young age that she had PCOS and that she would have fertility problems. We discuss the impact of this and how she sought to understand and learn about PCOS, retrain in nutrition and address her PCOS herself, which led to Lauren conceiving naturally.

We discuss

  • What is PCOS

  • How is it defined

  • Why PCOS is an issue with hormones and the endocrine system and not just a gynaecological issue

  • How wide spread the impact of PCOS can be

  • Why people with PCOS struggle to conceive

  • PCOS and weight gain

  • The importance of blood sugar balance

  • How a good breakfast can set you up for a good day

  • How PCOS is a life long condition

  • Getting support for your PCOS

  • Lauren’s course on PCOS is out now and you can find out more here. This is Lauren’s Insta account and her website.


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