This week I am joined by Alice Rose, who is a Fertility Mindset Mentor and Transformation coach, working to support people through her membership and courses. This isn’t about thinking positive, this is about feeling safe to sit with how you’re actually feeling, rather than feeling you have to stay positive all the time. Which we know doesn’t work, isn’t realistic and actually adds to the feelings of stress.

We discuss

  • how Alice came to work in supporting people who are trying to bring a baby home
  • whether the awareness of fertility issues has changed over the last 5 years
  • the isolation and frustration that comes when going through fertility struggles
  • mindset and the problems around the idea of having to think positive thoughts to get pregnant and how this actually elevates stress
  • why allowing yourself to feel how you’re actually feeling is ok
  • why prioritizing your mindset and mental health is so important and helpful
  • how Alice’s framework in the Liferaft works to support people while they’re navigating through fertility struggles
  • why there’s always an opportunity to change your mindset
  • what’s in the life raft and who’s it for
  • why regular check ins with your mindset is so important in a conscious way
  • what can you control when you’re going through fertility struggles


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