We think that testing and investigating your fertility should be encouraged more and done sooner. So in this week’s episode we look at what the current situation is around testing, what’s available from the NHS, what the guidelines say and what tests we would recommend as first step investigations into your fertility.


We discuss

  • The range of tests for men and women
  • The limitations of testing and how there is no one test for fertility and no test for egg quality
  • The complications of fertility testing
  • When should you go for testing
  • NHS guidelines for when to go for testing
  • Why you should go sooner if you have any underlying issues
  • Why we think testing sooner is a good idea
  • Which tests we think are good to start with, including day 3, testosterone, prolactin, thyroid
  • How this differs from NHS guidelines
  • The day 21 progesterone test and why this shouldn’t always be done on day 21
  • The limitations of the progesterone test
  • Transvaginal scans, what this can tell you and why it’s helpful
  • Why Clamydia screening is important when you’re preparing for pregnancy
  • Male testing and why it’s important to get this done as soon as possible
  • NHS guidelines on sperm testing
  • Home sperm testing kits as a good place to start
  • How to approach your doctor and why it’s ok to change doctors and ask for a second opinion
  • Home and private testing kits and how helpful these can be for men and women
Fertility tests

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