This week, I’m super excited to have Dr Amanda Chisholm on the podcast. She’s a GP and a lifestyle medicine practitioner who’s all about the holistic approach to care. We’re going to dive into fertility testing from the perspective of an NHS GP and share insight to make sure you get the right testing and investigations to support your fertility and have a healthy pregnancy.

In this episode we cover:

  • what the training is like when you’re studying medicine and the approach to women’s health/fertility
  • how medicine is disease focused and how women’s health is under researched
  • how care and understanding can vary depending on training with each GP
  • NHS guidelines and issues that can get you a referral sooner
  • My opinion on testing and why I think doing it sooner is a good idea
  • Why being in the best possible health is so important for fertility
  • Why sperm testing sooner can be so important and helpful
  • Why it’s ok to challenge and push for your tests
  • Why going private can be an option and how you can use alongside NHS treatment
  • How to get your GP to refer you to gynae to help assist your fertility

We hope you find this super helpful and we’d love to hear your experiences of getting the right tests and how supported you felt with this.

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