Farzanah Nasser, is a thyroid health expert, nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. Thyroid health is important for so many functions in the body, including fertility, menstrual cycles and pregnancy. We see a lot of people in clinic and within our community with concerns about getting their thyroid properly checked and treated. So we take a deeper look into this and its implications for fertility and pregnancy.

We discuss

  • what is the difference between nutrition and functional medicine
  • what is the thyroid and why is it so important
  • the difference between hypo and hyperthyroidism and the different symptoms
  • How to measure thyroid health and the difference between TSH only and a full thyroid panel
  • Hashimoto’s and ways to address this
  • The difference in the ranges for thyroid and what is ideal for fertility
  • Why 2.5 or less ideal for fertility and for health
  • How optimal thyroid function can support cycles, luteal phase and progesterone
  • Why adrenal glad health is so important
  • The link to gut health
  • How you can test your full thyroid yourself at home
  • How to get thyroxine if you can’t access through your GP
  • Farzanah’s new course which might be helpful

You can follow Farzanah on instagram here and to find out more about her course follow this link.

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