Katy is back to discuss irregular cycles. We look at how they can be caused by various factors, including lifestyle influences, hormonal imbalances, and medical issues like thyroid problems or pelvic inflammatory disease. Investigating irregularities is important, and if you’re trying to conceive, tracking ovulation becomes crucial because it is possible to conceive if you’re clear on when you’re potentially fertile.

We discuss:

  • What is the definition of an irregular cycle
  • Common causes of irregular cycles, including PCOS, hyperthalamic ammenhorea, post pill irregularities, thyroid health
  • When to see a GP and what testing to have
  • Other ways to get tests done
  • How to conceive and track with an irregular cycle
  • Other ways to track if bbt is getting too much
  • How bbt charting can help identify irregularity
  • How to get support for improving your irregular cycles

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