At home hormone & fertility tests have exploded in popularity in recent years. Dr Helen O’Neil is CEO and Founder of Hertility, a company providing these tests for women. With Hertility as well as the at home blood testing you also get access reproductive specialist consultations and fast-tracked pelvic ultrasound scan referrals. This can help women get a better understanding of their health and fertility and be fully in control of the whole process. Given how many people get in touch with us to ask about testing and struggle to get what they want through their GP, we know what a difference companies like Hertility can make.

We discuss:

  • Why there is a need for Hertility and why Helen started the company
  • How disconnected we are from understanding our bodies and reproductive health
  • How does Hertility work and what the process is to get tests and results
  • How Hertility looks at wider areas of your life not just the blood results 
  • How reports can provide support and education around your reproductive health
  • What are the next steps once you have your results
  • How Hertility can link you to scanning places based on your location across the UK
  • Who Hertility is for & how regular reproductive health testing throughout life should be the norm
  • The impact and importance of lifestyle support and education
  • Hertility’s upcoming campaign to help fund further research into Women’s Health
  • You can find out more about Hertility here and follow them on Instagram.
Hormone graph and hormone testing

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