Acupuncture for Fertility is hugely popular and so we’re kicking off Series 3 talking all about it.

I realised that we have never actually done an episode about acupuncture and fertility. I’ve been in practice over 10 years now and I love what acupuncture can do and the support we offer in clinic. So I thought we should really talk about this on the podcast. For this episode we have swapped roles and Katy is interviewing me.

We discuss

  • how I came to acupuncture
  • how acupuncture works
  • how acupuncture supports fertility and what the evidence shows
  • how acupuncture supports IVF and the most recent evidence which shows acupuncture can significantly improve CPR (clinical Pregnancy Rate) and LBR (Live Birth Rate) among women undergoing IVF
  • what’s involved with a treatment with us
  • when to come for acupuncture
  • what’s the difference between an acupuncturist and a fertility acupuncturist
  • how to find a fertility acupuncturist& why I think fertility support trained acupuncturists are great
  • how to work with us

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