Why do people have IVF? Ed Coats is a fertility consultant, hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeon and medical director at the Evewell West London clinic. He joins us to share his experiences and thoughts on assisted conception and IVF. He explains, who can benefit from treatment, why and when you might consider IVF as an option.

We discuss

  • what is assisted conception and the range of issues which lead people to seek support
  • When and why to do testing to explore your fertility 
  • Why we need better education, earlier on
  • Why you’d choose IUI or IVF
  • When to address gynaecological issues and when to proceed with fertility treatment 
  • Why there is a difference in the types of fertility treatment offered 
  • The importance of researching and investigating different clinics
  • Ways you can support yourself as you go through treatment
  • How to treat male factor fertility issues and whether they should be addressed before IVF
  • How to choose a clinic

If you’d like to find out more about IVF, or the different treatments offered with assisted conception you can lots of information from the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority). For information on the Evewell follow this link.

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