If you want to know more about what an embryologist does in IVF then this episode is for you. Emma Whitney is the Laboratory Manager at The Evewell. She is also Emma the Embryologist on Instagram and does great educational posts about embryology to make it more accessible and understandable, to help people going through treatment. Emma is so passionate and so experienced and shares a lot of great insights.

We discuss:

  • Introduction to embryology its origins.
  • What’s the role of an embryologist in IVF treatment.
  • Can you improve egg and sperm quality.
  • What can you control when you’re going through treatment.
  • What your clinic can control.
  • And what is beyond everyone’s control
  • The impact of age on egg quality
  • IVF and ICSI and why choose one over the other
  • Fertility stats and key performance indicators for clinics
  • The importance of education and early intervention.

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