Sarah Banks is an experienced Personal Development Coach and best-selling author who specialises in supporting women through the challenging stages of their life. Having been through her own fertility struggles, Sarah knew first hand that there wasn’t enough support for her as she went through treatment. Fast forward the years and Sarah has developed the planner to help people reprioritise themselves and their emotional wellbeing. Their purpose is to help people feel happier, more in control and able to prioritise what is important their mental health

We discuss

  • Intro to Sarah and her fertility experiences which led her to this work
  • The importance of peer support and why there often isn’t any
  • What’s the theory behind the positivity planner
  • What’s in the planner
  • How the planner can help with your thoughts and feelings
  • Why’s there’s not one size fits all but finding support is vital through treatment
  • Understanding what you can and can’t control during treatment
  • Sarah’s work with clinics to improve their support
  • Sarah’s support groups. TTC support and IVF support.
    IVF positivity planner

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