Should I freeze my eggs? There has been a huge rise in the popularity in freezing eggs over the last 5 years. COVID is thought to be a huge factor that impacted this. Statistics show a rise of nearly 50% of enquiries into egg freezing since 2020. So what’s it all about, what’s involved and how does it work? To discuss this I am joined by Rebecca who is the Patient Services Manager at The Evewell. She is a registered midwife and has supported many people through their treatment. And she has recently frozen her own eggs, so shares both her professional and personal expriences.

We discuss:

  • What is egg freezing?
  • Why do it
  • How do you assess someone’s fertility potential?
  • Why an AMH assessment is relevant for egg collection
  • How many eggs do you need to collect to give you reassurance for future proofing your family
  • Why it is important to make these decisions on a case by case basis
  • Packages v’s cycle by cycle
  • Average age/ age range for egg freezing 
  • The importance of preparation
  • What happens at the other end of the journey when you’re ready to use your eggs
  • Rebecca’s experience going through egg freezing
  • Rebecca’s top tips for people considering egg freezing

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