This week we are discussing genetic testing including karyotyping and PGT-A testing with Kathryn Hawes. Kathryn is a senior embryologist and genetic lead at the Lister Fertility clinic in London. And has kindly done talks for our community group and team of practitioners on the role of embryology in assisted conception.

We discuss 

  • What genetics are in embryology and their role is miscarriage
  • What is karyotyping is and what the testing is
  • What the implications are if issues are identified
  • Who should consider this type of testing 
  • PGT-A testing and it’s rise in popularity
  • What happens during PGT- A testing
  • PGT-A and why it’s still a red light on the HFEA 
  • Who is this test recommended for
  • How embryos are graded for transfer without PGT-A testing
  • Stats for PGT-A tested embryo success rates
  • Reasons why it PGT-A isn’t always successful
  • Costs for testing and where to go for further information

If you’d like to hear more from Kathryn you can watch back her presentation for us in our Facebook Community Group.

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