We are joined by the formidable Claire Mooney, who is on a mission to improve investigations and treatment in male reproductive health. She is a consultant embryologist and medical director of Fertility Solutions. Claire specialises in male fertility and believes we need to work with men more to improve fertility rates with both natural and assisted conception.

We discuss

  • What drove Claire to set up Fertility Solutions and focus on men more
  • What Claire would recommend to test for male fertility investigations. This includes a standard sperm test, a sperm culture and a DNA fragmentation test.
  • What DNA fragmentation is and why it’s important.
  • Why we are in this current situation on both NHS and private clinics.
  • How we can support fertility with wider lifestyle changes and support
  • Where to get DNA fragmentation testing done
  • Why sperm cultures are so important for identifying and treating bugs
  • The limitations of standard sperm tests
  • Why ICSI had an impact on investigating male fertility
  • The importance of preparation
  • How to work with Fertility Solutions

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