Christmas can be a tricky time when you’re TTC and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There can be fear and guilt around eating and drinking, and problems with boundaries with family and friends. The supposed “joy of Christmas” can amplify loss and grief and the end of the year can be hard as it marks the passing of time. 

I am joined by Fertility Nutritionist Kirsty Harrison. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have some helpful information and suggestions that we hope helps.

We discuss:

  • the importance and value of boundaries and just saying no
  • Why you don’t need to restrict anything and no-one can be 100% all of the time
  • Why following an 80/20 rule can be really helpful and why good vs bad isn’t helpful
  • What can you add in and do rather than take away and avoid
  • How to look after your liver if you decide to have a drink
  • How looking after your sleep, blood sugar, making sure you get outside and taking your supplements can really help
  • Having a plan for how you spend your time at Christmas and your boundaries is the most important helpful action you can take
  • Kristy’s top tips for Christmas
  • Why new year resolutions aren’t always helpful 
  • Why working with a specialist nutritionist can be game changing

If you’d like more support please see our webinar on our community on navigating Christmas. It includes more nutrition from Kirsty, advice on boundaries from me and some lovely self care techniques from our fertility coach Carly. Follow the Facebook link to join.

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