Myself and Katy are kicking off the new year with how and why it’s important to prepare for pregnancy.

Research shows that preparation can really impact fertility outcomes for both men and women and this applies to both natural and assisted conception. This is a topic we discuss a lot in clinic and it’s a huge part of our work in guiding and supporting people with their preparation.

New year always comes with new goals and new resolutions and we unpick what areas of life are important to look at and address.

We discuss:

  • Why we always talk about the importance of 3 months to prepare
  • Why it doesn’t have to be all encompassing or perfect
  • Looking at your menstrual cycle and how getting this in a good shape is vital for a healthy pregnancy
  • Vaginal health and investigation any underlying issues is vital before getting pregnant. This includes UTIs, repeat thrush, BV and any suspected sexually transmitted disease. 
  • Sleep, why this is a super power and what good sleep hygiene looks like.
  • Nutrition and why this is one of the most important parts of pregnancy preparation. We always recommend working with a specialist but cover the basics to be aware of. 
  • Stress, how this shows up in your life and how you can address it (but also never be free of it!)
  • The importance of testing, investigations and applying all of these habits to both parties

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