Advice for each stage of IVF: Buckle up peeps because this one is full to the brim with helpful information for each stage of the IVF process. IVF can be an intense process, physically, emotionally, financially and today we are with Trudi Campbell Nursing and Quality Director at The Evewell. Trudi has seen thousands of people through treatment so is well placed to share her thoughts on good practices to help you through.

We discuss


  • What to consider before you start your treatment
  • How treatment can change as you go through it and preparing yourself for this
  • What Trudi recommends you do to support yourself when going through treatment 
  • The importance of making positive changes before treatment
  • What is a good approach to your work load as you got through treatment
  • Tips for preparation and going through egg collection 
  • Recommendations for transfer day
  • The Two Week Wait and how to get through this time. 
  • The pros and cons of acupuncture alongside IVF
  • Trudi’s three overall top tips for IVF

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