Fertility MOT’s- should you have one? I am joined by fellow fertility acupuncturist Alex O’Connor to discuss the pros and cons of fertility MOTS. Fertility MOTs have had an explosion in recent years and are advertised as a way to understand your fertility and ability to conceive. But what does that really mean and can you really test your ability to conceive and are some tests out there better than others?

We discuss it all including:

  • What is a Fertility MOT and why might you have one.
  • What is tested in a fertility assessment.
  • The problem with fertility assessments and the scaremongering that can come with these.
  • How we would to assess fertility from a holistic perspective.
  • The advantages of proper online assessments like Hertility.
  • How you can take control of your own menstrual cycle health and educate yourself – books we refer to are listed below….
  • The limitations of doing online blood tests.
  • Why we need more regular assessments throughout our lives not just when we’re trying to conceive
  • Is there such a thing as unexplained infertility? 

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The books we refer to and recommended reading are:

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