TTC over 40

There is an increasing number of people in their 40s trying to conceive, both naturally and with assisted conception. 

Dr Amanda Tozer, clinical director at Aria Clinic, joins us this week to talk about the challenges and options for people wanting to conceive over 40. At Aria clinic 50 % of people who access their treatment are over the age of 40, they therefore have lot of experience to share with us.

We discuss:

  • Why people are starting families later on in life.
  • What are the statistics for conceiving over 40.
  • The difference of the age ranges over 40
  • Egg quality and the extent to which you can improve it
  • The impact of lifestyle and what steps you can take to improve your chances and fertility outcomes
  • PGTA testing and why this is increasing popular for people over the age of 38
  • How age applies to male factor also
  • Is IVF a viable option over 40 and how to decide whether or not to do treatment
  • Why cycle optimisation (super ovulation) and IUI can be a helpful option for people over 40.
  • At what point do you decide to stop treatment and move onto other options
  • How to find out more about working with Aria Clinic

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