The two week wait is often one of the most difficult times to get through, in both natural cycles and assisted conception cycles. It is easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed with the lack of control. Symptom spotting, googling and over thinking are common problems and patterns that people fall into. So this episode is dedicated to acknowledging that this is a tough time. And I am joined by Katy and Carly to look at what you can control and ways to support yourself through this time.

We discuss:

  • What the two week wait is and what is going on during this time
  • Emotional side effects that people experience during the TWW
  • Ways to plan ahead and think about putting good things in place before you’re in the TWW
  • The physical side effects of the TWW
  • Finding activities to fill up the time and the space
  • Areas you can and can’t control during the TWW
  • Ways of communicating your needs to those around you
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Why symptom spotting is the devils work
  • Katy’s up coming Two Week Wait masterclass
  • Carly’s on going course for the Two Week Wait

💛 Katy’s Masterclass Conquer the Countdown is on Monday 12th Feb and details are here:

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