I am joined by Dr Yau Thum from the Lister to discuss Reproductive Immunology.

Reproductive Immunology looks at how the immune system and the reproductive system can impact conception and pregnancy. It is an area that is explored and tested when people have experienced repeat implantation failure and/or miscarriage with no other explanation found.

Dr Yau Thum leads the reproductive immunology research team at The Lister Fertility Clinic. He has been involved in research in the area of natural killer cells and immunological aspects of recurrent failed implantation since 2003 and have published papers demonstrating that an “overactive” immune system may negatively affect pregnancy outcomes and IVF success rates.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is reproductive immunology?
  • The problem with researching this area.
  • What tests can you do to test this area?
  • Killer cells what they are, how you test for them?
  • What the cytotoxicity test is.
  • Drug protocols to address these issues and when to start them
  • Who should take the tests.
  • Why they are so expensive
  • Where to find out more about reproductive immunology.

If you want to learn more please see The Lister Fertility Clinic Pages and/or the Reproductive Immunology Centre.

You can also find out more via HFEA

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