We now have a Fertility Nurse on our team Hurrah! Morven is coming on board to help support our patients and work with us in our fertility community group. Morven provides online fertility consultations and support and will be doing a live Q&A in our community next week (Wednesday 6th March)

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to Morven and how she came to work in this area
  • Morven’s personal experiences of menstrual cycle and fertility issues
  • What’s involved in an online fertility nurse consultation
  • How to access blood testing remotely 
  • How Morven can help you advocate for yourself with your GP
  • The role of fertility awareness and education
  • Who are these appointments for
  • Morven’s top tips for cycle issues.
Fertility Nurse

💛 Morven is doing a live Q&A in our community group on Wed 6th March. You can sign up below to join us or email us with any questions.

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