Does contraception affect your fertility long term? It’s a question we often get asked!

Katy and I are joined by Dr Fran from The Lowdown. The Lowdown is a research platform for women’s health. It enables women to review and research their health conditions, symptoms and medications so they can make more informed decisions.

This includes contraception, fertility, peri- menopause, PCOS and Endo. Today we are discussing the impact of contraception on fertility and how to prepare yourself when you’re on contraception for your future fertility.

We discuss:

  • Recommendations of what to think about before you come off contraception
  • The importance of prenatal vitamins and what the NHS guidelines recommend
  • Issues about coming off the different forms of contraception.
  • Changing your form of contraception as part of your family planning 
  • The difference in hormonal contraceptions for the time it takes for cycles to return.
  • At what point do you start investigations if you have problematic cycles after contraception
  • Ways to support your cycle when you come off contraception.
  • Ways you can get support through the Lowdown

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