Understanding your fertility and hormones with the DUTCH test.

What is the DUTCH test?

The DUTCH test stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones and is an excellent way to get to the bottom on hormone imbalances.

This week I am joined by Giulietta Durante, (Hormones in Harmony) a menstrual cycle nutritionist who specialises in hormone health. We look at how you can use the DUTCH test to understand your hormones and what’s going on and make a plan for making positive change.

We discuss:

  • What are the advantages to doing DUTCH over standard blood tests.
  • What is Ostrogen Dominance and what are the signs and symptoms of this. 
  • Why you would do this test if you’re TTC.
  • Why the DUTCH is good for showing where the stress is in your body.
  • Signs and symptoms which might lead you to DUTCH testing
  • What do you to fix things and how you make changes.
  • What influences good hormone balance. 

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