5 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Fertility

We spend a long time trying to not get pregnant, often on contraception not really thinking about our fertility. When we start trying to conceive everything changes and getting pregnant can quickly become a pressing concern. Understanding your fertility can empower you to make informed decisions about your reproductive health and help you optimise your chances each month.

Here are five crucial things everyone should know about their fertility:

  1. Know Your Cycle. Understanding your menstrual cycle, what is and isn’t normal and when you’re fertile is one of the BEST ways to increase your time to pregnancy. Studies show that people who understand their menstrual cycle and can confidently identify their fertile time get pregnant quicker.
  2. Unprotected Sex doesn’t always lead to a pregnancy: sounds obvious and many people assume that getting pregnant is easy. But the reality is that fertility is a delicate balance influenced by various factors. Even healthy couples in their prime reproductive years only have about a 20-25% chance of conceiving each month. Understanding that fertility is not a guarantee can help manage expectations and reduce stress when trying to conceive.
  3. It takes Two. It’s always important to check the male partner and that lifestyle changes are applied to both parties.
  4. Test and Investigate. You don’t have to wait to test and investigate your fertility. If you have underlying issues or concerns test ASAP or test at home.The earlier potential problems are addressed, the better the chances of successful treatment.
  5. Lifestyle Matters. ItI affect fertility in both men and women. These include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, poor diet, and high levels of stress. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol, and managing stress can improve fertility outcomes.

    Want to learn more about understanding your fertility and maximising your chances of conception?


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