5 things everyone should know about their fertility.

This week I am finally back with Katy, having a catch up, she’s an award winner now AND has her very own clinic! and discussing some fertility fundamentals.

For the last in this series before we break for Easter we cover 5 things we think everyone should know about their fertility.

  • Know Your Cycle. Understanding your menstrual cycle, what is and isn’t normal and when you’re fertile is one of the BEST ways to increase your time to pregnancy.
  • Have Enough Sex: sounds obvious, I am sorry. But having enough next through the whole cycle and not just when it’s your window is the best way to maximise your chances each month.
  • It takes Two. It’s always important to check the male partner and that lifestyle changes are applied to both parties.
  • Test and Investigation. You don’t have to wait to test and investigate your fertility. If you have underlying issues or concerns test ASAP or test at home. Also know that it doesn’t always happen immediately and it can take time. Up to a year is normal.
  • Lifestyle Matters. Healthy lifestyle impacts sperm and egg and does make a difference.

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