This is the third episode in our Men in May Series. We discuss mental health, fertility and men.

I am joined by Shaun Greenaway and Kieran Hannington, hosts of the Male Fertility Podcast.

Shaun Greenaway is a male fertility coach and advocate. Having been diagnosed as infertile in 2018, he experienced the heartache, shame and secrecy attached to being a man with no sperm. Shaun found himself navigating this trauma alone, with no support networks in place for men at the time. Now the proud father to twins conceived via the use of donor sperm, Shaun shares his story via Instagram to provide that voice that he so desperately needed when experiencing infertility. 

To further expand the help and support he can provide men going through fertility struggles, Shaun trained to become an accredited Transformational Coach.

Kieran is The Male Fertility PT and his mission is to work with as many men as possible, supporting and educate men facing the road of infertility on how to enhance and improve their health to optimise their fertility and help achieve their goal of fatherhood.

We discuss:

  • Why we need better education and testing for men at a younger age to help address potential fertility issues.
  • The lack of mental health support and communication from healthcare professionals for men going through fertility issues.
  • Why open communication and seeking support from others who have gone through similar experiences is crucial for couples going through fertility treatment.
  • How much improvements are needed in the healthcare system to provide better support and education for men dealing with fertility issues.
Mental Health, Fertility, Men

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