This is the last in our Men in May Series and we are discussing sex and TTC. Which obviously is for men and women.Sex and TTC, a topic not often discussed but often an area that can quickly become stressful and pressure fuelled leading to issues on both sides.So this week I am joined by Andrea Balboni, a sex, love, and relationship coach. We discuss the challenges couples face with their sex lives when trying to conceive. Andrea discusses why this can become problem, why this is common and very normal and what practical steps couples can take.

We discuss:

  • How to reduce stress and fatigue by seeking support from community, friends, and family
  • Exploring pleasure in different ways and creating intentional time for intimacy.
  • Embrace non-penetrative intimacy and acceptance when sex isn’t possible
  • The advantages of not cycle tracking

Andrea has an excellent free resource on her website all about How to Talk About Sex

Sex when you're Trying To Conceive

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