Hi I’m Hannah

I’m a fertility acupuncturist and passionate educator, running a busy clinic and creating online information and practical advice for everybody who is TTC.

We’ve all been told how not to get pregnant but when the switch is flipped and we want to start a family it can be confusing, sometimes overwhelming and hard to know where to go for support and advice.

You may be just thinking about coming off contraception or be considering IVF, whatever stage you’re at, my role is to help you feel knowledgable and empowered to advocate for yourself and know what options are available. And if you’re coming to clinic we will work together, getting you in the best possible health physically and emotionally while you’re TTC naturally or through IVF.

I’m an Advanced Fertility Practitioner, so have a thorough understanding of both Western and Chinese Medical approaches to fertility, both for natural and assisted conception. I have certificate in Counselling Skills and Practice from Birkbeck University and am a Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education. This means I can teach women how to confidently track their menstrual cycle and ovulation window, thus improving their chances of conceiving naturally.

I’m a northerner living in exile in Streatham. I have a partner, 3 children, a dog and a tortoise. I am a lover of food, plants (you’ll see when you come to clinic!) jumpsuits and the colour yellow. I’m always doing some form of activity, it keeps me sane and generally well and I love to enter events and then moan a lot about doing it.  I’m rubbish at yoga and can’t touch my toes but I try really hard to carry on in the vain hope that one day I’ll get there.




“Hannah is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about everything fertility, she is fantastic with needles and a great listener for all your troubles and worries. She’s been supporting me through all the tricky stages: helped me cope with stress and anxiety of TTC, ups and downs of pregnancy related hormonal changes and everything that postpartum brought. She made me understand my body, how it works, its needs; and what I could do, to deal with it all better.”

Anna Phillips

Hi I’m Anga

I am a Chinese Medicine Practitioner specialising in Human Reproduction and Fertility, Women’s and Pediatric Health. I hold a California license and a membership at the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

After I finished my BS in Nutrition at UC Berkeley, I wanted to explore the relationship between herbal medicine and food a bit deeper. I decided to go to Chinese Medicine School at PCOM in San Diego. While in the program I collaborated with midwives as a doula for the UCSD Hillcrest Hospital, with doctors in San Diego Hospice and the Children’s Hospital, as well as in various fertility centers.

My qualifications include:

BSc in Nutrition and Physiotherapy

Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego

Master in Chinese Medicine in Women’s Health from Shandong University

Arvigo Mayan Massage (fertility massage) therapist

And like Hannah, I also am an Advanced Fertility Practitioner

I have worked in many IVF clinics, donation or adoption Centers and Fertility Clinics in California, Barcelona and London, including the Zita West clinic. My skills include Acupuncture, Fertility massage and Chinese herbs.

When I am not in clinical practice or reading, you can find me backpacking, camping, ocean swimming/kayaking or gardening





“Anga is the most gentle, kind and professional acupuncturist.She helped me so much over many months with my anxiety, skin and fertility issues.She 100% helped me on my way to conceiving last year and I have just given birth to a beautiful baby boy.I am so grateful for everything Anga did for me. She is the best!!!!”



Hi I’m Katy

I am a reflexologist here to give you so much more than a good foot rub. Reflexology is an incredible therapy that will make you feel safe, relaxed, and leave you floating out of the treatment room.

I originally came to reflexology as a young teen to help me manage my anxiety. I entered the appointment highly sceptical and left a complete convert. My experience of reflexology improved my terrible sleeping patterns, eased my anxiety, and regulated my periods. After a stint as a professional dancer, which didn’t do much for those anxiety levels; I was looking for an alternative career and re-ignited my interest in reflexology and decided to retrain.

Whilst completing my studies at the London School of Reflexology I developed a keen passion for understanding my own reproductive health which then extended to my clients. Since setting up my business Reflex East in 2019, I have trained in Repro-Reflexology so I can support you with conditions like PCOS and endometriosis and through natural or assisted conception. I also have a maternity reflexology qualification and can support you from day 1 of your pregnancy through to preparing you for birth. I am now currently studying under Oakley Coaching on the first LGBTQ+ inclusive healthcare course. As a queer woman I want to ensure everyone feels welcome to have treatments with me

Outside of reflexology I still enjoy dancing without the dreaded pressure of auditioning! I also enjoy painting and getting out to the mountains when I can, but as an East London dweller Hackney Marshes do the job of getting my my daily dose of nature

I’m really excited to have been invited to join Hannah’s team and look forward to expanding my practice in South Londo​n



“I had the most amazing reflexology treatment with Katy. I’m fussy AF when it comes to treatments and it was exceptional. If you want help with your cycles, fertility or pregnant (or like me want to chill out) then get booked in.
From now on I will be basing my trips to London based on her 


Maisie Hill: Author of Period Power and Perimenopause Power

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