Hiya I’m Hannah Pearn, a fertility acupuncturist, fertility awareness teacher and campaigner for better fertility education.


I have been supporting people with their fertility for over ten years


As well as work with people 121 in clinic a big part of my work and ambition is around awareness raising in fertility education.


Many people come to clinic and tell me they wish they knew more about their fertility and menstrual cycle. People feel they did not get enough information or support on how to get pregnant and they feel lost as to what they can do and where they can go for help. We’re all told how NOT to get pregnant but when it comes to having children there are too few places to turn to on how it all works.

So I have grown this business to address this all too common problem. I want to support as many people as possible who are struggling to conceive. I believe a better understand of reproductive health is crucial for when you’re trying to bring a baby home and for all stages of life. From puberty to peri-menopause, everything in between and afterwards, better education leads to better knowledge about potential problems, which leads to quicker and more effective diagnosis and treatment.

I started my career as a teacher and spent 3 years working overseas for VSO in China, on my return I worked a fundraiser for them for nearly 8 years. I discovered acupuncture when I was pregnant with my eldest child and was advised to try acupuncture to avoid induction. My nearest acupuncturist happened to be Emma Cannon (world famous for her work on acupuncture for fertility) so 3 treatments and a positive birth later, I was in.

I trained at CICM when my children were small and since graduating in 2012 I have been working away, becoming more specialised as each year has passed. In 2018 I was one of the first cohorts to become a Advanced Level Fertility Specialist and this has driven my work ever since. I trained in fertility awareness in lockdown and campaigning and raising awareness of this has become a huge part of the work.

Alongside my clinical and campaigning work, I run mastermind groups for acupuncture practitioners. This involves mentoring and supporting their business and clinical development skills for The Fertility Support Company.

This year I will be embarking on my first teaching in Acupuncture for Natural Fertility at the Northern College of Acupuncture and am a regular contributor to press, podcasts and basically anyone who will have me to talk about acupuncture, fertility, business, with usually a lot of vagina and cervical mucus chat thrown in. I am an in house expert for a number of fertility support organisations including:

💛 The Worst Girl Gang

💛 The Bump Plan

💛 Embie App

💛 Aura App

I also created my own course, Teaching To Conceive (all the info you never got told at school) to promote and educate on the brilliance of Fertility Awareness when you’re Trying To Conceive. This course outlines how to understanding, track and know your cycle so you’re confident when you’re most fertile and how to spot potential problems. It is both educational and empowering and studies show that people who practice fertility awareness, get pregnant quicker.

I am very ambitious for my work and excelling in the care and support we offer to anyone who is trying to conceive. As well as my two clinics in South London I run a low cost multi-bed, Streatham Community Clinic, with my good friend Claire, where we try to make our treatments more affordable and accessible to our local community.

I love a bit of exercise, a good night out, my dog, The Lakes, Pulp, hard work, yellow, running this business and having a go at doing the stuff that you always thought wasn’t for you.


Featured in the National Press