Women’s Health

Hormones. We are slaves to these, they make us and they can break us and when they’re out of balance women can really suffer. Acupuncture is brilliant for balancing hormones and bringing stability to a woman’s cycle, whether that be menstrual or menopausal. Acupuncture can be a successful and natural way to treat any of the following

• Painful periods
• No periods
• Heavy periods
• Menopausal problems
• Fibroids
• Endometriosis
• PCOS • Hormonal emotional imbalances

I have been seeing Hannah for about 4 months and in that time my hot menopausal flushes have improved so much. Hannah always takes her time to listen to all my aches and pains and as well as providing great support, she has given me lots of practical help and tips to help me manage this difficult time of life.


Having acupuncture with Hannah has helped so much with my PMT and mood swings. For years I have suffered with long cycles and have really struggled with low mood for weeks before my period comes. Now my cycles are down to 30 days and my mood is so much better. I sleep better and take better care of myself. I have so much more understanding of my hormones and how they can affect me. She is kind and caring and I would really recommend acupuncture for hormonal problems.