Acupuncture is a safe and completely natural treatment that can be used during pregnancy, with a large bank of research to prove it works. It was having acupuncture during my first pregnancy that lead me to retrain in this field so working with pregnant women is close to my heart. So often treatments offer relief when all other options are not possible or haven’t been successful.  Women I have seen for fertility support often continue with acupuncture throughout their pregnancy and through to their births. I also see a lot of women who are keen to go into labour naturally and avoid a medical induction.


Acupressure and Massage for Childbirth Workshop


For many years I have worked with the midwife team in Streatham offering an ante-natal session on using acupressure in labour. I have now teamed up with the amazing massage therapist Claire King to offer an online workshop available to women and their birth partners in the third trimester of pregnancy. During the workshop we will be teaching acupressure and  massage techniques which can be used to

• promote relaxation
• promote the start of labour
• offer pain relief
• help ease the transitions between the stages of labour and ensure labour continues to progress

Our next workshop will be on 24th November 2020, please click on this link to register and pay for the session. We look forward to seeing you there.



I saw Hannah through my pregnancy to keep me well and help me to relax. At the end of treatment I had acupuncture to encourage a natural start to labour. I’m happy to say I went into labour spontaneously and had a straight forward birth. I can’t thank her enough for all her support.


Thank you for all of our amazing care and support over the last 3 years. I always left appointments feeling hopeful and with more trust and confidence in my body.


Thank you so much for all your friendly support and advice at the beginning of my IVF treatment. I always left your sessions calm and positive about my pregnancy. The treatment also helped a lot with my nausea and general well-being. I’d highly recommend Hannah to anyone wanting a little bit of extra support, care and expert advice in those first anxious weeks of pregnancy and beyond.