Acupuncture for Women’s Health

Acupuncture is a great treatment for many women’s health issues. We offer a range of therapies including chinese herbs, reflexology, nutrition and womb massage, often in combination to get you the best results.

Acupuncture works so well for many women’s health issues. People often come to us as a last resort, feeling that they haven’t been properly listened to or that the treatment suggested hasn’t really got to the bottom of their problems.

Hormonal issues are a common problem we treat in clinic. Whether or not you are trying to conceive, addressing menstrual cycle issues is at the heart of our work. We work with people from puberty through to peri-menopause. Our range of skills and in-depth knowledge can provide individualised care, to get to the root cause of the imbalances.

We can advise on testing and investigations and refer you to your GP or privately if you’re struggling to get the support you need. If you’d like to learn more about common women’s health issues which we regularly treat in clinic, please see our Don’t Tell Me To RELAX podcast.

Our therapies can help you if you…..


  • suffer with PMT/PMS/PMDD and find yourself on the monthly rollercoaster of hormonal shifts.
  • have painful periods and are fed up with only being offered pain relief or contraception.
  • have lost your cycle, want to understand why and get it back to being healthy.
  • have heavy periods and easily find yourself becoming anaemic.
  • have irregular cycles and want to optimise this.
  • have peri-menopausal/menopausal problems and want to try natural approaches before HRT or alongside HRT.
  • have endometriosis and are looking for a holistic approach to support this.
  • have PCOS and want to know how to manage this and improve your experience of this.
  • have vaginal health problems that are recurrent. You may feel like you have tried everything and nothing has really worked long term. This includes repeat thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis

We also offer reflexology, fertility massage, chinese herbs and nutrition to support women’s health

The team are amazing! What a wonderful group of women. I can’t count how many people I’ve recommended their content and practice to. I wish I had known more about fertility and my cycles before years of struggling with the pill and endometriosis. I’ve been seeing Katy for around a year including pre-pregnancy. Great, accessible information and they are loads of fun too!