Acupuncture for pregnancy & birth London

Acupuncture for pregnancy and birth is a completely safe and natural treatment that can be used in combination with reflexology from the early stages right the way through to birth preparation.

Acupuncture for pregnancy & birth is a safe and nurturing treatment. We love supporting people during their pregnancy and find that treatments offer relief, when all other options are not possible or haven’t been successful. A lot of people like to combine both acupuncture and reflexology during their pregnancy. Both can be an excellent way to avoid an overdue labour and help to turn a breech baby.
We also understand that pregnancy can be difficult, especially if you have been through fertility treatment, miscarriage and infertility struggles before getting to this point. Many people who came to us for fertility support, move to pregnancy support once they have conceived and it’s one of the most rewarding parts of this work. We know that being pregnant after loss and/or a difficult road to conception isn’t the end of the journey and that it can be both stressful and cause a lot of anxiety. People find that continuity of support and care with us can help alleviate some of these issues, especially during the first 12 weeks.

Acupuncture for pregnancy can help you if you….


  • are suffering with nausea & morning sickness and finding no relief
  • have headaches & or migraines
  • have digestive problems, indigestion, haemorrhoids
  • are struggling with insomnia
  • want to prepare for labour. Studies show that acupuncture in the run up can help reduce length and discomfort in birth
  • are overdue and want to encourage labour more naturally

Hannah provided continuity that I didn’t have in the NHS. Although my NHS treatment was excellent Hannah was the one professional who knew me from the beginning of my fertility journey right up to the birth of my son. She saw me through months of tests, months of IVF treatment and then throughout my pregnancy. I was actually due to see her the day my son was born!