Fertility Acupuncture in London

We are a team of highly skilled, experienced specialist, providing Fertility Acupuncture across our London clinics, to guide and care for you while you’re trying to conceive.

If you are looking for Fertility Acupuncture in London then we are your team!  Acupuncture for fertility support is at the heart of our work, but what we do is so much more than needles.

We know it is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed with information and advice around what you should be doing to help improve your chances for conception. We are all Fertility Support Trained Acupuncturist (the gold standard in Fertility Acupuncture training) or are currently working through this vigorous qualification. Therefore, we have extensive specialist knowledge in both Western & Chinese medicine approaches to fertility. This allows us to understand and make sense of your situation and develop a unique taylor-made plan to support and optimise your fertility.

This includes lifestyle information, along with our recommendations for further testing and investigations, for yourself and your partner if and when necessary.

If you’d like to learn more about optimising your fertility with acupuncture, then please see our podcast episode for more details on how we work, and why acupuncture is so popular.

Acupuncture for fertility can help you if…..


  • you’re trying to conceive but so far have been unsuccessful and are now wondering if something is going on
  • you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress around trying to conceive and unsure about what your options are
  • you’re trying to recover from a miscarriage and are anxious about conceiving and being pregnant again
  • you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and unsure what that actually means, or if there are other tests that might be needed
  • you’re thinking about IVF but unsure if it’s right for you or which clinic to go to
  • you’ve been diagnosed with high FSH, low AMH, PCOS, Endometriosis and wondering how that might impact your fertility and what you can do about it
  • you have a child but struggling to conceive again and are unsure why and what’s changed

Areas we investigate and optimise to support your health & fertility.


  • Menstrual Cycle Health: irregular cycles, painful periods, heavy periods, PMS, post contraception issues
  • Digestive System: bloating, pain, constipation, loose bowels and sensitivities
  • Vaginal Health: repeat episodes of Thrush, BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), HPV, STD’s
  • Immune System and Function: allergies, frequent illnesses
  • Sleep: problems getting to sleep, staying asleep, waking up feeling tired
  • Stress levels: overwhelmed and anxious and unable to settle, switch off and relax
  • Lifestyle: eating habits, exercise levels, space for fun, rest and relaxation
  • Male factor: if you have a partner and even if they're not coming to clinic we want to check on sperm health, testing, lifestyle and general health issues

We are a specialist, integrated clinic, alongside acupuncture we also offer these therapies to support your fertility.

I couldn’t recommend the team enough! They really supported me emotionally through my fertility journey, to becoming pregnant. I really enjoy my relaxing acupuncture treatments, which help me with my anxiety. I honestly think I fell pregnant sooner than I would have due to their support with the acupuncture and pointing me in the right direction for the tests that I needed, which ultimately ended in success!