Fertility Coaching

We know how hard it is when you’re struggling to conceive, when you’ve been through miscarriage, when treatment doesn’t work, when you’re pregnant and terrified.

Fertility coaching is designed to help you deal with the emotional impact of fertility issues, so you feel emotionally stronger whilst trying to conceive. Studies show that approximately 90 % of people going through fertility struggles experience mental health issues. Feeling out of control, anxious, depressed, in a state of permanent high alert is very common. We see this first hand in clinic with a lot of people we work with. As all our practitioners have specialist training in fertility, we are sensitive to the difficulties you face. Whether you come to see us for acupuncture, nutrition or any other therapy ongoing emotional support is always a part of the work.

We also have our very own dedicated fertility coach Carly, on hand to provide that extra support and care should you need it. We offer online courses (written and run by Carly), our free community to be with likeminded people and our podcast, to sign post you to good information to reduce some of the overwhelm.

To hear Carly talk about the impact of stress when Trying to Conceive please see our podcast episode.

Carly is an absolute safe space that feels like the warmest most comforting hug every single time. She is there to listen, to support and always leaves you feeling better than when you walked in. Her care and attention to details with all of clients is like no other and is the reason why I continue to go back. Fertility is such an unspoken topic and having someone to hold your hand through the whole thing like Carly is incredible

You can work with Carly 121 or buy our bespoke online courses. We have one specifically for the two week wait, or the Pocket Hug for those times when you feel overwhelmed. And we have our online supportive community, where you’ll find information and group support.