Fertility Nurse Consultation

Understand your hormones and fertility with our expert fertility nurse practitioner.

Morven is our fertility nurse, she brings her own personal experiences of fertility issues and expert fertility knowledge to her online appointments. Booking a fertility consult is an invaluable way to explore your fertility and equip yourself with the tools and support you need during fertility treatments and your wider journey to conception. These consultations are an excellent way to get an independent opinion, find out and access testing and work with someone to develop a plan for fertility investigations and support.

These are excellent if you feel confused and overwhelmed with what next steps to take and struggle to access support through your GP. And as they are all done online they can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

If you’d like to learn more about Morven and how she works you can listen to her podcast episode here.

What is included in a fertility nurse consultation?


  • A complete assessment of your fertility and any issues you may be facing
  • Work with you to maximise your chance of natural conception and a healthy pregnancy
  • Recommend blood tests and other investigations and advise you on the results
  • Recommend supplements
Recommend holistic support options and connect you with highly skilled specialists.
  • Advocate for you with your GP and local NHS board and help you understand what you are entitled to nationally and locally
  • Help you understand medical jargon and support you to make decisions and ask questions

A Fertility Nurse Consultation is excellent as part of preparation for IVF, to support your natural fertility and to help with many women’s health conditions.

From the moment we connected, Morven has been a fantastic support. She listens and adapts her practices to suit your personal needs, both mental and physical and encourages healing with gentle encouragement and a holistic approach. Morven continues to influence my mindset from pessimism to optimism, lifting a burden that has adversely affected me for quite some time. As someone who has been navigating the world of fertility for quite a few years, Morven has been a welcome beacon of hope.