A growing body of scientific research proves that acupuncture has a significant effect in improving the birth rates of women undergoing IVF. It also supports other assisted fertility treatments and those trying to get pregnant naturally. Acupuncture for fertility aims to boost reproductive health, reduce your stress, and improve your chances of conceiving.

As an Advanced Fertility Practitioner I have over five years experience of treating fertility issues and have supported many women and men whilst they try to conceive. I have undertaken specialist training in integrated medicine, which brings together Western diagnostic techniques with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Treatment with me offers the right support in all aspects of care, whatever path your journey to have children puts you on. I provide emotional, physical and practical help, support and advice. I offer a safe space to relax, off load, be heard, de-stress and receive support.

Acupuncture for IVF & Fertility can help with:

• Trying to conceive for the first time
• Going through an IVF cycle
• Have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility
• Trying to conceive in later life
• Successful conception but miscarried
• Having High FSH, PCOS, Endometriosis
• Suffering from stress
• Diagnosed with sperm issues

Best results are achieved when we can work together for 3 months prior to conception (naturally and supported). This time can be used to get body, mind and hormones in the best possible place.

I also work alongside an excellent nutritional therapist who can advise on sensible and achievable dietary advice to also support a positive pregnancy result and healthy pregnancy. 

To find out more about the science and studies to support acupuncture and fertility please see my blog.

Thank you for helping my family grow bigger, for comforting the tears, giving me hope and providing advice. I felt lighter after every session.


After suffering my first pregnancy loss a friend highly recommended Hannah to me. I’m so pleased that I made the decision to peruse fertility acupuncture with Hannah, as I truly believe she had a massive hand in the conception of our baby Percy.

Hannah’s fertility knowledge is exceptional and following her consultation I discovered that I had an under active thyroid which was certainly playing a part in my fertility issues. Hannah’s relaxed and calm approached made it easy for me to discuss and process my loss, leaving me in a much more positive mindset.


“Hannah is helping me through my IVF, her support and acupuncture are my saviour”


A thousand thankyous for your help and support over these last couple of years and for helping us get our precious daughter.


Hannah provided continuity that I didn’t have in the NHS. Although my NHS treatment was excellent Hannah was the one professional who knew me from the beginning of my fertility journey right up to the birth of my son. She saw me through months of tests, months of IVF treatment and then throughout my pregnancy. I was actually due to see her the day my son was born!