Hi I’m Hannah

I’m a fertility acupuncturist and passionate educator, running a busy clinic and creating online information and practical advice for everybody who is TTC.

We’ve all been told how not to get pregnant but when the switch is flipped and we want to start a family it can be confusing, sometimes overwhelming and hard to know where to go for support and advice.

You may be just thinking about coming off contraception or be considering IVF, whatever stage you’re at, my role is to help you feel knowledgable and empowered to advocate for yourself and know what options are available. And if you’re coming to clinic we will work together, getting you in the best possible health physically and emotionally while you’re TTC naturally or through IVF.

I’m an Advanced Fertility Practitioner, so have a thorough understanding of both Western and Chinese Medical approaches to fertility, both for natural and assisted conception. I have certificate in Counselling Skills and Practice from Birkbeck University and am a Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education. This means I can teach women how to confidently track their menstrual cycle and ovulation window, thus improving their chances of conceiving naturally.

I’m a northerner living in exile in Streatham. I have a partner, 3 children, a dog and a tortoise. I am a lover of food, plants (you’ll see when you come to clinic!) jumpsuits and the colour yellow. I’m always doing some form of activity, it keeps me sane and generally well and I love to enter events and then moan a lot about doing it.  I’m rubbish at yoga and can’t touch my toes but I try really hard to carry on in the vain hope that one day I’ll get there.

Working together is so much more than needles. It’s about sharing information, suggesting different approaches and supporting you in all the ways I can.  My clinic space offers a chance to talk, be heard and a place to relax. My online work aims to make my knowledge and experience accessible to as many people as possible, providing practical and helpful information.  I want everybody to feel empowered with knowledge about their fertility when they’re TTC.