About me

I’m Hannah and I am a hormonal health and fertility acupuncturist. I have been working as an acupuncturist for the last 7 years and spent 5 years before that doing my training at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. I started my business at home and have worked hard to achieve a separate and purpose built, beautiful acupuncture space in Streatham. I work one day a week as part of the amazing team at Kennington Osteopaths. I’ve been there for the last 6 years and am proud to practice alongside some of London’s best therapists.

I started my career as a general practitioner and over the years found my client base were mostly women seeking help for hormonal and fertility issues. As a result of this and a passion for non stop learning I have invested time, money and many a late night, in further study on pregnancy, gynaecology, menstrual problems and health, IVF and natural conception. In 2018 I qualified as an Advanced Fertility Practitioner, which means I have undertaken extensive study in Western and Chinese Medical approaches to fertility, both for natural and assisted conception. I am also developing and learning Counselling/Coaching skills alongside acupuncture, as the two compliment each other so well. I currently have a Level 1 certificate in Counselling Skills and Practice and am planning on continuing further into Coaching when the time is right.

I love my family, friends, dog and food. I do an excellent slow cooked roast dinner and spend a lot of time trying to get my kids to eat well, keep well and stop eating so much sugar. I’m passionate about good food and eating well but I can also inhale any form of take away after a big night out. I’m always doing some form of exercise, and love entering races and challenges, which then cause me stress and enjoyment in equal measures. I’m rubbish at yoga and can’t touch my toes but I carry on in the vain hope that one day I’ll get there. I love walking, sailing and swimming and my favourite place in the whole world is the Lake District where I have been lucky enough to spend many, many holidays. My dream day would be a walk in the fells, ¬†an afternoon in the pub and an amble home to a fire. I was born in Macclesfield but have now lived in London for longer than I lived up north so I wonder if I’m now southern?

For me, acupuncture is so much more than the needles, it is both ancient and modern in its use, a precision treatment but also a holistic approach which looks at every aspect of body, life and mind. My treatments offer a chance to talk and a chance to relax. My acupuncture space is here for you to unwind, unburden, speak freely and be listened to. I hope people who come for acupuncture with me will leave feeling they are understood and supported, whilst also gathering practical and helpful information. Most importantly I want people to leave feeling happier and more in control of their health.

Hannah Pearn