We are some of London’s best fertility and women’s health therapists.

Specialising in acupuncture, reflexology, chinese herbs, fertility massage, nutrition and fertility awareness.


Get to the root of the problem to optimise your health and your fertility.

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Do you want to feel better and get to the bottom of what is going on?

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You may:

  • feel anxious and overwhelmed with fertility, pregnancy and health struggles.
  • be finding that having a baby isn’t as straight forward as having unprotected sex
  • feel that your menstrual cycle/hormonal issues are not being properly addressed
  • feel your concerns have been dismissed and not thoroughly investigated

When you come and work with us you won’t be doing this on your own, we will

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  • support you physically, emotionally, practically
  • help organise thorough testing, including bloods, scans, semen analysis and microbiome
  • investigate and integrate any testing to inform our treatments
  • create unique, customised plans which can be integrated across all our therapies
  • empower you with a good understanding of your health and fertility

We believe the more you know and the better you feel, the more you can advocate and navigate your own journey to parenthood and good health

Nice words people say about us

Ben & Jemma Clark
I would highly recommend Hannah and her team for acupuncture. We had been trying to get pregnant for over two years and underwent multiple rounds of IVF. I decided to try acupuncture on my last FET and we got lucky! Acupuncture really helped me to clear my mind and relax, and of course it helps with the blood flow. Hannah and Jo are very knowledgable around all things fertility and so warm and friendly (you feel like you have known them for ages). Thank you for everything Jo and Hannah! 🙂
Rebecca Cotter
I can't recommend Hannah highly enough. Her expertise surounding fertility is so insightful and a real game-changer.
Anita-Mai Goulding
Hannah is a miracle worker! After my little son passed away Hannah was an absolute lifeline for me. I was so desperate to have my second bub I went to see her and she honestly changed my life forever. Within two months I conceived my daughter and throughout my pregnancy, Hannah was incredibly supportive and gave me everything I needed mentally and physically to have my daughter. One of the happiest days of my life is Hannah meeting her, she will eternally be a very special person for our family. I can’t wait to see her for my third bub!
Giuliana Noschese
I have attended the online webinar and I found it incredibly insightful and interesting. Hannah explains the basics of the female body in a clear way. I feel so empowered now! Thank you!
Nikki K
Hannah and Kirsty's Menopause Webinar was excellent: professional, informative and interactive. Would highly recommend
Liane-Rose Bunce
Anga, wow, what a practitioner. I feel very grateful indeed that our paths crossed. Thank you Hannah Pearn Streatham! 😀
Ruth Taylor
Hannah and her team in Streatham and Balham are just awesome. I've been seeing Hannah for well over a year and she's an absolute font of wisdom, an incredible cheerleader, and of course a superb acupuncturist. It always feels so nourishing and I leave appointments feeling lighter, more relaxed and more focused. Hannah has supported me through a lot, helping me navigate some challenging times and I can't recommend her enough. I've also had acupuncture from her associate Jo who is also lovely, life-changing reflexology from the brilliant Katy, and a Chinese herbs prescription from Anga which really did the job. Thank you team! <3
Katie McCord
I have been seeing Hannah for acupuncture off and on for a number of years and most recently following the birth of my son. I worked closely with Hannah to rebalance my hormones, get my periods back to normal and calm my anxiety. She recommended me supplements, showed me huge compassion and armed me with all the information I needed to understand what was going on in my body. Seeing Hannah has been a lifeline over the past two few years and I am so grateful to her. Every woman needs Hannah and her team in their life!
Isabelle Guitard
Hannah is amazing. The most knowledgeable and caring professional who looked after us through our infertility journey. Always going the extra mile and furthering her knowledge to better serve her patients. We wouldn't be a family today without her ❤️❤️