Acupuncture to support IVF

IVF is a time when many couples and individuals want to be in the best possible health and receive good support through their treatment. A growing body of scientific research now supports the efficacy of acupuncture for those going through IVF and other assisted fertility treatments. The research suggests that acupuncture may help in various areas relating to assisted conception, these include:

-during the lead-up to a cycle,
-around the time of embryo transfer
-in the two week wait
I personally recommend starting acupuncture as soon as you can prior to starting an IVF/IUI cycle, ideally I like to work with men and women 3 to 6 months before commencing treatment. This will give us time to implement and see the results of recommended lifestyle changes, nutritional advice and acupuncture treatment. Like any big event the key is in the preparation behind the scenes and there is so much that can be done to get your emotional and physical health strong and ready for IVF. But even if you come during the IVF cycle itself acupuncture can help support you through egg collection, transfer and the two week wait.

Over the years I have seen many individuals and couples through IVF. I am able to offer impartial advice and support through what can be confusing and stressful time with so many different treatment decisions and approaches to IVF.

“Hannah provided continuity that I didn’t have in the NHS. Although my NHS treatment was excellent Hannah was the one professional who knew me from the beginning of my fertility journey right up to the birth of my son. She saw me through months of tests, months of IVF treatment and then throughout my pregnancy.”

Hannah is amazing. She has been treating me with acupuncture for over five years, for rheumatoid arthritis, (a lifelong condition). She treats me holistically and tailors each treatment to my symptoms. Hannah is caring, professional and always listens to how i’m feeling both physically and emotionally. I always feel better after seeing her.


Initially went to see Hannah because of fertility issues, but now I keep going because of her results in reducing my stress levels and improving my general well-being. I feel that Hannah cares deeply about her patients. Plus she is lovely and funny and puts me in a good mood each time I see her!

I am seeing Hannah for migranes and PMS. Can’t believe the difference in just 4 sessions