We’re your wing women and we get it.

We are London’s most passionate & dedicated team of specialised fertility practitioners. Whether you are struggling to conceive, feeling anxious in pregnancy, suffering with hormonal upheaval, trying to carry on after miscarriage or baby loss we understand and we are here to support you. We have over 25 years experience of studying and helping people with fertility and menstrual cycle issues, and our work is so much more than our job, it’s our mission. And we can help you too.

 Hannah Pearn acupuncture for Fertility and Women's health London

Hi I’m Anga

Senior Associate Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Fertility Massage Therapist

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I am a Chinese Medicine Practitioner specialising in Human Reproduction and Fertility, Women’s and Pediatric Health. I hold a California license and a membership at the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

After I finished my BS in Nutrition at UC Berkeley, I wanted to explore the relationship between herbal medicine and food a bit deeper. I decided to go to Chinese Medicine School at PCOM in San Diego. While in the program I collaborated with midwives as a doula for the UCSD Hillcrest Hospital, with doctors in San Diego Hospice and the Children’s Hospital, as well as in various fertility centers.

My qualifications include:

  • BSc in Nutrition and Physiotherapy
  • Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego
  • Master in Chinese Medicine in Women’s Health from Shandong University
  • Arvigo Mayan Massage (fertility massage) therapist
  • And like Hannah, I also am an Advanced Fertility Practitioner
  • Functional Medicine Training Izabella Wentz
  • Hereditary, Prenatal and Pregnancy related disorders Kiiko Matsumoto
  • Doula Certification, UCSD Hillcrest San Diego 2005
  • California Acupuncture Boards Licensure 2003
  • National Council of Colleges of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine 2002
  • Holistic Health Practitioner Pacific College of Heath and Science San Diego 2000
  • Massage Technician IPSB. San Diego 1999

I have worked in many IVF clinics, donation or adoption Centers and Fertility Clinics in California, Barcelona and London, including the Zita West clinic. My skills include Acupuncture, Fertility massage and Chinese herbs.

When I am not in clinical practice or reading, you can find me backpacking, camping, ocean swimming/kayaking or gardening.

“Anga is the most gentle, kind and professional acupuncturist. She helped me so much over many months with my anxiety, skin and fertility issues.She 100% helped me on my way to conceiving last year and I have just given birth to a beautiful baby boy.I am so grateful for everything Anga did for me. She is the best!!!!”

Hannah Pearn reflexology for fertility London

Hi I’m Katy

Reflexologist and Fertility Awareness Coach

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I am a reflexologist here to give you so much more than a good foot rub. Reflexology is an incredible therapy that will make you feel safe, relaxed, and leave you floating out of the treatment room.

My experience of reflexology improved my terrible sleeping patterns, eased my anxiety, and regulated my periods. After a stint as a professional dancer, which didn’t do much for those anxiety levels; I was looking for an alternative career and re-ignited my interest in reflexology and decided to retrain. To hear more about what reflexology is and why I love have a listen to the podcast episode here.

My qualifications include

  • Reflexology diploma from the London School of Reflexology
  • Maternity reflexology training with Sally Earlam
  • Reproductive reflexology training with Barbara Scott
  • I am a member of the Association of reflexologists
  • I am currently studying in Lisa Hendrickson-Jack’s Fertility Awareness Method Mentorship and also LGBT+ inclusive health care through Oakley Coaching. As a queer woman I want everyone to feel welcomed and at ease having treatments with me

Outside of reflexology I enjoy contemporary dancing, I used to be a pro so it’s nice to do it without the dreaded pressure of auditioning! I also enjoy painting and getting out to the mountains when I can, but as an East London dweller, the Hackney Marshes do the job of getting my daily dose of nature

“I had the most amazing reflexology treatment with Katy. I’m fussy AF when it comes to treatments and it was exceptional. If you want help with your cycles, fertility or pregnant (or like me want to chill out) then get booked in.
From now on I will be basing my trips to London based on her

Maisie Hill: Author of Period Power and Perimenopause Power

Hannah Pearn Nutrition for Fertility London

Hi I’m Kirsty

Nutritional Therapist

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I am a fully insured and registered Nutritional Therapist with a real passion for helping couples reach their fertility goals.

Having studied at the London College of Naturopathic Nutrition in London, I felt that there was a gap in her knowledge about fertility nutrition, so I undertook a 12-month mentorship with Sandra Greenbank of the Fertility Nutrition Centre. This has given me a much more in depth understanding of how nutrition can impact our fertility and support us in assisted reproductive technologies.

I have recently moved to Cornwall with my husband, three children, two dogs and a cat. I am terrible at stand-up paddle boarding but still love to try, I love a BBQ on the beach watching the sun go down and a Sunday roast with family, friends and wine will always be my favourite thing to do.

Hannah pearn Acupuncture for fertility London

Hi I’m Jo

Associate Acupuncturist

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I am an acupuncturist with a passion for women’s health.

I have been working with women to support their gynaecological health from the start of menstruation to menopause. I see women for fertility, pregnancy and postnatal support.

My qualifications include:

  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Acupuncture
  • Licentiate in Acupuncture
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Gynaecology, Fertility & Obstetrics
  • Working towards becoming an Advance Fertility Practitioner
  • Member of the British Acupuncture Council


Outside of the clinic environment I like to walk in Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common which are both close to where I live. I enjoy pilates and Qi gong but most of all, I like to get together with my friends and if there’s a dance floor, I’m on it!


“I found Jo to be such a gentle, compassionate person who clearly knows what she is doing. She listens to all your woes and is so understanding. We spent quite a while going through my history and what I hope to achieve. I found her very knowledgeable, caring and exceptionally professional. I am already looking forward to my next appointment.” AL

Hannah pearn Acupuncture for fertility London

Hi I’m Camilla

Senior Associate Acupuncturist. Chinese Nutritional Therapy

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Since graduating in 2007, I have undergone extensive post-graduate training in order to support all aspects of women’s health.  Specifically, the treatment of infertility, menstrual issues, menopausal symptoms and acupuncture for women during pregnancy.  

I aim to provide couples with effective treatment, practical advice and support throughout their journey to parenthood.  This involves listening closely to my patients, tailoring my treatments to each and every one, whilst working alongside leading fertility clinics and consultants to provide a fully integrated approach.  

My qualifications include:

  • Bsc (Hons) Acupuncture (LCTA)
  • Diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy (CNM)
  • Diploma in Obstetric Acupuncture and Acupuncture during childbirth (Debra Betts)
  • Diploma in Acupuncture for Babies and Children (Julian Scott & Rebecca Avern)
  • Diploma in Acupuncture for Adolescents (Rebecca Avern)
  • Advanced fertility training with experts such as Emma Cannon, Jill Glover and currently completing Naava Carmen’s Advanced Fertility Training
  • Member of Naava Carmen’s Growth Partnership
  • Member of HOPA (Hub of Paediatric Acupuncture)
  • Member of British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)
  • NADA protocol trained to work with addictions
  • Completed Virginia Doran’s Facial Rejuvenation & Revitalisation Training



When I am not in the clinic, I am most likely to be found travelling, cooking, chatting, reading or cuddling my cats!


“I cannot recommend Camilla highly enough.  She is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also very caring.  Sometimes all one needs when on the fertility/pregnancy rollercoaster ride, is someone to talk to.  I knew I had Camilla’s support every step of the way and when I was finally pregnant, I breezed through pregnancy, which as an older Mum, I am so grateful for.  I know it was having Camilla’s support and the regular acupuncture session that helped with this.” Chelley

Hannah Pearn Nutrition for Fertility London

Hi I’m Isabella

Associate Acupuncturist

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I am an acupuncturist who primarily focuses on women’s reproductive health, whilst also having a love for paediatric acupuncture.

Since my first day in the student clinic, when my first patient was trying to conceive and my second was struggling with gynaecological issues, I knew this was the area I wanted to delve deepest into. Treating women’s health quickly became a passion of mine, as I felt I was able to give women the time and attention they perhaps hadn’t been allowed elsewhere. Being able to provide women with answers and information is something that feels very important and I feel honoured to be able to do.

My qualifications include:

BSc (Hons) Degree in Chinese Medicine
Licentiate in Acupunture
Certificate in Advanced Facial Acupuncture & Collagen Induction with Microsystems Acupuncture
Currently undertaking a Post Graduate Diploma in Gynaecology, Fertility and Obstetrics
Has completed training in acupuncture for teenage mental health
Has completed training in understanding the rapid decline of male and female fertility
Member of the British Acupuncture Council
Member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society

I was born in Brighton, grew up in Cambridge, and am now based in North London. On my days off you can find me on Hampstead Heath petting any dogs I can get my hands on, or enjoying good food with even better company. I also love to watch and play sport, and have been training in the Israeli self defence, Krav Maga, for the last 18 months!

Hannah pearn Acupuncture for Fertility London

Hi I’m Carly

Fertility Coach

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I have been supporting clients trying to conceive for almost 15 years.

I love to support my clients emotional wellbeing whilst they are trying to conceive their first baby or to grow their family (I have also worked with clients to make a decision whether to continue on this path or not). I am a listening ear that will challenge your thoughts, give you tools and techniques to use on a daily basis and help you to understand your emotions and connect to your body. All whilst walking alongside you during this really tough time. Working in this role for so long, I have developed extensive knowledge in fertility and women’s health. If you’d like to hear more about my work please see my podcast episode here.


Hannah pearn Acupuncture for Fertility London

Hi I’m Morven

Fertility Nurse

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I am a dedicated and compassionate registered nurse. Based in Inverness, located in the scenic Highlands of Scotland, I extend my expertise to patients across the country, ensuring those in rural areas receive the quality care they deserve.

With a passion for reproductive and hormonal health, I have a special interest in PCOS, education about fertility awareness methods, and cancer treatment-induced infertility although my work extends throughout the infertility spectrum. My commitment to personalised patient care, combined with my extensive experience, ensure my patients feel supported and cared for in a holistic and empathetic way.

My work goes beyond clinical care; I actively engage in community outreach to raise awareness about reproductive health issues. As a yoga teacher, I also run local classes and have developed unique fertility and women’s health yoga plans which I offer to patients and students. My unique skill set, coupled with a genuine concern for my patients’ well-being, positions me as a trusted healthcare professional in the dynamic fields of oncology and fertility nursing. Which is both exciting and a real honour.

Outside of my professional commitments, I find joy in spending time with my husband, our small children and Bagheera the black cat. My connection with nature is important to me as I enjoy swimming in the local lochs, always with the aim of fostering a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. At times more successfully than others! With a unique blend of medical expertise, yoga instruction, and a commitment to personal well-being, I stand up as a trusted healthcare professional making a positive impact on the lives of my patients.

I offer fertility consultations, patient advocacy and medical jargon support, cancer and fertility preservation support, holistic fertility debriefing, fertility Yoga and fertility MOT work.

I regularly study with professional CPD opportunities such as Royal College of Gynaecologist and Obstetricians and have experience working in clinical research. I am a member of the RCN, British Gynaecological Cancer Society, British Fertility Society, UK Oncology Nurse Society.

Hannah pearn Acupuncture for Fertility London

Hi I’m Juliette

Junior Associate, Acupuncture

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Focusing on women’s health, I have completed further training in treating women with acupuncture for assisted fertility and during pregnancy. Having gone through my own IVF journey, I am very aware of just how tough it is, and thankfully discovered acupuncture during this time which helped me enormously.
My philosophy is to stimulate the body’s own healing process using Traditional Chinese Medicine theory together with Western Medicine, bringing balance to the body and mind.
I co-founded ELM (East London Multibed) with fellow acupuncturists to provide low-cost healthcare to the local community and I volunteer at St Joseph’s Hospice where I work as part of the complementary medicine team offering acupuncture.
I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), an organisation which is fully recognised by the NHS for the practice of acupuncture and favoured by Health Insurers. I abide by a code of ethics which maintains high standards of education, discipline and practice, and am a member of the Professional Standards Agency
My qualifications include:
  • Licentiate in Acupuncture
  • Member of the British Acupuncture Council
  • CPD Pregnancy Acupuncture
  • CPD Assisted Fertility Acupuncture
Outside of acupuncture, I adore cooking and even grow my own vegetables on my tiny London balcony. With a love of the colour green and nature, I enjoy to be outdoors preferably in a forest bare foot practicing qi gong. You can find me bouldering when I’m feeling fit enough and wild swimming when I’m feeling brave enough! Spending time with my baby son and partner make me whole 🙂