Other conditions

Common conditions which respond well to treatment include:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Headaches, especially hormonal ones
  • Tiredness and lethargy
  • Chronic pain

Acupuncture can offer the time to look at how and why ill health may have arisen, it tries to get to root of the problem, taking into account lifestyle, diet, life history and stress. By looking at the whole picture it can achieve better long term health for the future.

The British Acupuncture Council compiles and provides all the latest research and evidence-based facts on acupuncture. It currently lists over 30 different health conditions which acupuncture can treat. See the evidence page for further details.

Hannah is amazing. She has been treating me with acupuncture for over five years, for rheumatoid arthritis, (a lifelong condition). She treats me holistically and tailors each treatment to my symptoms. Hannah is caring, professional and always listens to how i’m feeling both physically and emotionally. I always feel better after seeing her.


Initially went to see Hannah because of fertility issues, but now I keep going because of her results in reducing my stress levels and improving my general well-being. I feel that Hannah cares deeply about her patients. Plus she is lovely and funny and puts me in a good mood each time I see her!

I am seeing Hannah for migranes and PMS. Can’t believe the difference in just 4 sessions